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Image by Magic Touch Cleaners

About Us

Magic Touch Cleaners is devoted to providing high-quality Dry Cleaning services for our valued customers. A family owned and operated business, Magic Touch Cleaners offers exemplary dry cleaning, laundry, and specialty cleaning services that consistently meet and exceed our customer expectations. Our team goes above and beyond and total customer satisfaction is our goal.


We guarantee quality, convenience and superior service. We strive to give our customers the same personal attention we give your clothes. Your dry cleaning will be ready on time and ready to wear, every time. At Magic Touch Cleaners we’re committed to making sure you look your best no matter how you dress. Give your clothes the Magic Touch!

Meet The Owner

Image by Magic Touch Cleaners

Bob Anilus

Bob Anilus took ownership of Magic Touch Cleaners in 1999 and has over 20 years of dry cleaning, laundry, and specialty cleaning service experience. He believes that dry cleaning and laundry is a craft. Known to consistently meet and exceed expectations, Bob is passionate about his business and goes above and beyond to cater to his clients. You can count on a smile and a pleasant service experience each and every time. 

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